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Press Office Tutorials


How to Download Filings in to Excel

How To Find Various Campaign Finance Reports

  • FEC Form 2 - Statement of Candidacy
  • Reports Filed on Paper
  • Find Reports Filed Electronically
  • Additional Campaign Finance Data
  • A Specific Contributor Who has Given to a Political Committee
  • How Much a Federal Candidate has Raised or Spent
  • Specific Receipts and Disbursements for Political Committees

How To Find Enforcement Information

  • Closed Cases Using the Enforcement Query System
  • Civil Penalties That Are $50,000 or Greater Made Public Between 1980 and the Present

How to Find Presidential Information

  • Presidential Summary Page, FEC FORM 3P
  • How to find a Comprehensive List of Contributors and Expenditures for a Presidential Committee




Your feedback is apprechiated. If you have any comments about one or more of the tutorial or suggestions for additional tutorials, please email the press office at and reference "Tutorial Feedback" in the subject line.