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Press Office Tutorials

Part 1

How to Download Candidate Campaign Finance Filings

  1. Click on the Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal
  2. Click on Search Presentations
  3. Click on Electronic Filing Search
  4. Type in the committee's name then click, Send Query
  5. Find the correct file, then Click download
  6. Download the CSV file into a location that you can easily find later
  7. Navigate to the file you just saved then Right click on it and click, "Open With..."
  8. Select Microsoft Excel to open the file


How to Download .FEC files

A daily compilation of electronically filed reports and statements

  1. Click on the Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal
  2. Click on "Downloadable Data"
  3. Click on "Electronically Filed Reports and Statements (.FEC files)"




Part 2

When Excel opens, it will be crowded with lots of words and numbers. This is normal. To clean it up, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Click column heading "A" to select the entire column
  2. Click the "Data" tab on the Menu Bar
  3. Click "Text to Columns" on the Data tab
  4. Choose "Delimited", and click Next
  5. Make sure "Comma" is checked
  6. Click "Finished"


Your feedback is apprechiated. If you have any comments about one or more of the tutorial or suggestions for additional tutorials, please email the press office at and reference "Tutorial Feedback" in the subject line.