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Presidential Personal Financial Disclosure Reports

Candidates for President or Vice President must file an annual Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Public Financial Disclosure Report with the FEC within 30 days after becoming a candidate, or by May 15 of that calendar year, whichever is later, but at least 30 days before the election.

After a candidate has filed his or her initial public financial disclosure report, the candidate must file an annual OGE Public Financial Disclosure Report with the FEC on or before May 15th each successive year in which the individual continues to be a candidate.

A presidential or vice-presidential candidate may request an extension of time up to 45 days for "good cause shown." The request must be in writing, and must explain the "good cause."A candidate may request a second 45-day extension.

Copies of Presidential Financial Disclosure Reports
The Office of Government Ethics (OGE) requires that all members of the public seeking to receive copies of a presidential candidate’s personal financial disclosure report submit a Request Form.  Please be sure to include your email address, name(s) of the presidential candidate in which you are requesting a personal disclosure report, your signature and the current date. Members of the media should fax their completed request forms to (202) 501-3283 or send it via email to  All other members of the public should fax their forms to (202) 501-0693 or e-mail it to Please note that the Commission is not authorized to post a candidate’s personal financial disclosure report to its website.

Distribution of Presidential Financial Disclosure Reports
Copies of the personal financial disclosure reports will be sent to those individuals who have submitted a Request Form (see above) after the candidate has submitted his or her report to the Commission. (See FEC Directive 21.)

Questions about the contents of Presidential Financial Disclosure Reports
Please contact the Office of Government Ethics with any questions about the contents of the disclosure reports. Its number is (202) 482-9300.

Senate and House Personal Financial Disclosure Reports
Personal financial disclosure reports of candidates for the United States House of Representatives and Senate are available through the Clerk of the House at (202) 226-5200 and the Senate Office of Public Records at (202) 224-0322, respectively.