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November 3, 2000                                                                                                                        Ron Harris
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WASHINGTON – From January 1, 1999, through October 18, 2000, Republican Party national committees raised $294.9 million and spent $252 million in funds permissible in federal elections. They have outraised their Democratic counterparts by more than 70%. Democratic Party national committees reported $172.7million in receipts and $153.5 million in disbursements.

These "hard dollar" receipts are a modest 6% higher for Republicans than in the previous presidential election cycle (1995-96), and 24% higher for Democratic committees. The Democrats reported a 15% increase in disbursements, while the Republicans spent 7% less than in 1996.

As they entered the last weeks of the campaign, Republican committees had $42.7 million cash-on-hand, while Democratic committees’ cash totalled $23 million.

In the area of candidate support, Republican national committees have spent three times as much as Democratic national committees. Republicans spent a total of $23.6 million for their candidates, including $1.5 million in direct contributions, $21.6 million in coordinated expenditures*, and $549,400 in independent expenditures. Democrats spent $8.3 million to promote their candidates, with $888,422 in direct contributions, $7.4 million in coordinated expenditures, and $76,745 in independent expenditures.

The largest percentage increases for both parties continue to be in non-federal, or "soft money" (funds raised outside the limitations and prohibitions of the Federal Election Campaign Act). Republicans have raised nearly $211 million, an increase of 74% over the same period in 1995-96, the last presidential cycle, while Democrats raised almost $199 million, a 85% increase. Soft money now represents 42% of all National Republican Party financial activity and 53% of Democratic National Party fundraising.

Much of the activity of national party committees in recent election cycles has shifted toward transfers of funds from the national committees to the various states. In total, the national committees of the Democratic Party transferred $147.2 million to the various states. The national committees of the Republican Party transferred $136.6 million. Hard dollar transfers by the Democrats totaled $40.7 million. Republicans transferred $38 million in hard dollars. Soft money transfers totalled $106.5 million for the Democrats and $98.5 million for the Republicans. These transfers to the states are listed on the last two pages of this release.

Charts attached to this release provide comparable data for five previous election cycles (four cycles for "soft money").

*Coordinated expenditures are monies spent by national and state party committees on general election nominees and are in addition to contributions. They are limited in amount.

Democratic Federal Activity

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National Party Transfers to States

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