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May 25, 2004

Advisory to Editors, Reporters, Broadcasters, Correspondents


WASHINGTON ? The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has completed the first expansion of its Enforcement Query System.  The program, which permits users to search and retrieve information about closed FEC enforcement actions, now includes all cases released during the period from January 1, 2001 through the present.  There were 103 cases containing nearly 15,000 pages of documents released during 2001.  These cases were added to the system this week, several weeks ahead of schedule.

Users of the system can search for specific words or phrases from the text of all public case documents. They can also identify single matters or groups of cases by searching additional identifying information about cases including case names and numbers, complainants and respondents, timeframes, dispositions, legal issues, and penalty amounts.

In addition to adding cases, the Commission has improved the Enforcement Query System in a number of ways in recent months.  For example;

An On-Line Tutorial has been developed instructing the user how to search using a single case number or multiple search criteria and how to view documents. To run the tutorial, click on On-Line Tutorial at the bottom of the search pages.

  The Search Function has been enhanced to allow the user to search using a part of a word or phrase in addition to exact match.
See: Search Help 

  The Other Parties Table has been redesigned by adding a Respondent column to the table. In addition to previously showing the name of a complainant and opposing counsel, the redesigned table shows the name of the treasurer and previous treasurer(s) of a respondent committee and relates that information along with the name of opposing counsel to a specific respondent.

  The Case Search Results Page has been enhanced by adding page numbers and the search range for multiple results instead of previously showing the total cases and scrolling through previous 5 results and next 5 results. (For example: page 1 of the search results page for 6 cases would appears as: Cases 1-5 of 6 Matching Cases Page 1 2 Next.


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