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For Immediate Release
May, 3 2004
(Corrected Release May 14, 2004)
Contact: Bob Biersack
Ian Stirton
Kelly Huff
George Smaragdis



WASHINGTON ? On April 30, the Federal Election Commission certified $810,755.13 in Federal Matching Funds to five Presidential candidates for the 2004 election. The U.S. Treasury Department will make payments on May 3.

This raises to $27,013,495.51 the total amount of federal funds certified thus far to seven candidates.

By comparison, in 2000, matching fund payments during a comparable time period went to nine candidates, totaling $54,514,698.57.

The following chart lists the amount certified to each candidate, along with the cumulative amount each has been certified to date.




Wesley K. Clark (D) $ 62,789.71 $ 7,615,360.39
John R. Edwards (D) $ 412,963.51 $ 6,521,338.88
Dennis Kucinich (D) $ 248,001.09** $ 3,075,300.72
Lyndon H. LaRouche (D) $ 62,879.82 $ 1,339,344.85
Joseph Lieberman (D) $ 24,121.00 $ 4,257,830.85

To be eligible to receive Federal Matching Funds, a candidate must first raise $100,000 in contributions from individuals: $5,000‑plus in 20 different states. While individuals can contribute up to $2,000 to a candidate, only $250 per individual applies towards the $5,000 requirement in each state. Candidates must also agree to abide by spending limits, to keep certain records, and to submit those records for audit. Howard Dean, John Kerry and President Bush have declined to participate in the Matching Fund program.

Candidates may submit requests for funds once each month. The Commission will certify an amount to be paid by the U.S. Treasury the following month. Only contributions from individuals in amounts of no more than $250 are matchable. The Commission expects that tax check-off deposits for February should be sufficient for Treasury to make full payments of all certified funds in March. Following the primary season, candidates may be entitled to receive additional matching funds to assist in winding down their campaigns or to retire debts.

The Commission has previously certified $14,924,000 to each of the two major political parties, for their 2004 Presidential Nominating Conventions.

* In addition, Richard Gephardt (D) has cumulative certifications of $4,104,319.82 and Rev. Alfred C. Sharpton (D) has $100,000.

**This certification was part of a prior certification that had not been fully paid. The Commission recertified the candidate for this amount on April 30, 2004 but it should not have been added to the cumulative certification figures again. While the candidate has cumulative certifications of $3,075,300.72, so far he has received only $2, 661,079.59 because of factors related to his ineligibility date of March 4, 2004.


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