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For Immediate Release
April 02, 2004
Contact: Ian Stirton
Bob Biersack
George Smaragdis
Kelly Huff
WASHINGTON ? The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has established a second email account to receive comments from persons who wish to testify at the Commission hearings on April 14 and 15 concerning the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Political Committee Status. The new email account is pcstestify@fec.gov. The Commission is asking that anyone who has already sent an email requesting to testify to the main email account to please resend their email to the new account. Those who want to send in comments but who do not request to testify should continue to send their comments to the main email account politicalcommitteestatus@fec.gov.

The notice of proposed rulemaking, which can be found at http://www.fec.gov/register.htm [expired link] , was published in the Federal Register on March 11, 2004. The FEC is undertaking this rulemaking to determine whether the current definition of "political committee" adequately encompasses all organizations that should be considered political committees subject to the limitations, prohibitions and reporting requirements of the Act. A similar review of the definition of "expenditure" and its implications, along with the rules for allocating funds for activities involving both federal and nonfederal elections are also a part of this rulemaking.

Commenters wishing to testify at the hearings on April 14 and 15, must submit their request along with their written or electronic comments by April 5, 2004. Those who do not wish to testify must submit their written or electronic comments by April 9, 2004

All electronic mail comments should be addressed to Ms. Mai T. Dinh, Acting Assistant General Counsel, and must include the full name, electronic mail address, and postal service address of the commenter. Faxed comments should be sent to (202) 219-3923, with printed copy follow-up to ensure legibility. Written comments and printed copies of faxed comments should be sent to the Federal Election Commission, 999 E Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20463.