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September 27, 2000                                                                                                                      Ron Harris
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WASHINGTON - Political action committees (PACs) contributed $167 million to federal candidates between January 1, 1999, and June 30, 2000, according to figures compiled by the Federal Election Commission.

That amount is an increase of $32.7 million, or 24% over the same 18-month period in the 1997-98 election cycle. According to PAC reports, $157.8 million was contributed to candidates seeking election in the 2000 election cycle, with the remaining $9 million going towards debt retirement and future elections. A 16-year overview of the percentage of PAC contributions to House incumbents, challengers, and open-seat candidates during similar 18-month periods is also included.

FEC analyses of 4,393 PACs show total receipts of $430.6 million and disbursements of $357.7 million for the first 18 months of the current election cycle. This represents a 20% increase in receipts and a 22% increase in disbursements compared to the same period in the 1997-98 election cycle. Cash-on-hand was $212.2 million.

Incumbents received $133.4 million in contributions,which constituted the largest share of PAC money. Challengers were given $14.3 million and candidates for open seats $19.3 million. Republican candidates received $86.3 million from PACs for the first 18 months of the current cycle, while Democrats received $80.3 million for the same period. In addition, PACs reported spending an additional $1.9 million in independent expenditures.

Comparable 18-month summary figures for PAC receipts, disbursements, contributions to federal candidates, cash-on-hand, and debts are provided for eight election cycles. Comprehensive data on PAC financial activity for the first 18 months of this cycle follow, including rankings of the "Top 50" PACs.

This news release and accompanying statistics can be found on the FECís web site,

PAC Receipts, Disbursements, Cash-on-Hand

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