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For Immediate Release:                                  Contact:  Kelly Huff
January 23, 1998                                                  Ron Harris
                                                                  Sharon Snyder
                                                                  Ian Stirton


WASHINGTON-The Federal Election Commission has made public its final action on 26 matters previously under review (MURs). This release contains only summary information. Closed files should be thoroughly read for details, including the FEC's legal analysis of the case. (Please see footnote at the end of this release.) Closed MUR files are available in the Public Records Office.

1. Pre-MUR 312



SUBJECT: Corporate contributions; contributions in the names of others

DISPOSITION: Took no action*

2. MUR 4341


  • (a) Juan Soliz for Congress, Leticia Soliz, treasurer (IL)
  • (b) Juan Soliz (IL)
  • (c) Zepeda Construction, Inc. (IL)
  • (d) La Magdalena, Inc. (IL)
  • (e) Ashley Trucking, Inc. (IL)
  • (f) TPM International, Inc. (fka Esco Industries, Inc.) (IL)
  • (g) Salgado Trucking, Inc. (IL)
  • (h) B.R. Abbott Construction Company, Inc. (IL)
  • (i) Montoya & Sons Construction Company, Inc. (IL)
  • (j) Mass Excavating Consultants, Inc. and Paul Esparza, President (IL)
  • COMPLAINANT: Paul Esparza (IL)

    SUBJECT: Corporate contributions

    DISPOSITION: (a-j) Took no action*

    3. MUR 4439

    RESPONDENTS: (a) Tom Fricano for Congress, Edward F. McKee, treasurer (NY)

    (b) International Union, United Automobile , Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of American (UAW) (MI)

    COMPLAINANT: Maria Cino, (former) Executive Director, National Republican Congressional Committee (DC)

    SUBJECT: Union contribution; disclaimer

    DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

    4. MUR 4442


  • (a) Honorable William O. Lipinski (IL)
  • (b) Lipinski for Congress Committee, John Mooney, treasurer (IL)
  • (c) American Airlines, Inc. (DC)
  • (d) Pepsi Cola General Bottlers, Inc. (IL)
  • (e) United Airlines, Inc. (IL)
  • (f) Southwest Airlines Company (TX)
  • (g) Desplaines Valley News (IL)
  • (h) Paczolt Insurance Agency (IL)
  • (i) Township of Lyons Committee on Youth (IL)
  • COMPLAINANT: Joseph Wright, Campaign Manager, Nalepa '96 (IL)

    SUBJECT: Corporate contributions; personal use of campaign funds

    DISPOSITION: (a-i) Took no action*

    5. MUR 4459


  • (a) Clinton/Gore '96 Primary Committee, Inc., Joan Pollitt, treasurer (DC)
  • (b) AFL-CIO, Richard L. Trumka, treasurer (DC)
  • (c) DNC Services Corporation/Democratic National Committee, R. Scott Pastrick, (former) treasurer (DC)
  • COMPLAINANT: Vollie V. Bisnett (CA)

    SUBJECT: Misuse of public funds; union contributions

    DISPOSITION: (a-c) Took no action*

    6. MUR 4485


  • (a) H. Ross Perot (TX) (b) Perot '96, Inc., Mike Poss, treasurer (TX)
  • (c) Perot Reform Committee, Mike Poss, treasurer (TX)
  • (d) Perot '92, Mike Poss, (former) treasurer (TX)
  • (e) National Cable Satellite Corporation (NCSC) (DC)
  • COMPLAINANT: Herb Rosenberg (NY)

    SUBJECT: Filing false disclosure reports

    DISPOSITION: (a-e) Took no action*

    7. MUR 4486


  • (a) Robert Bunda (HI)
  • (b) Robert Bunda for Congress, Richard A. von Gnechten, treasurer (HI)
  • (c) Bank of Hawaii (HI)
  • COMPLAINANT: Honorable Patsy T. Mink (HI)

    SUBJECT: Unsecured bank loans

    DISPOSITION: (a-c) Took no action*

    8. MUR 4495


  • (a) National Education Association (DC)
  • (b) Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) (PA)
  • (c) Pennsylvania PACE for Federal Elections, Robert Gibbs,
  • treasurer (PA)

    COMPLAINANT: Patricia S. Degen (Germany/PA)

    SUBJECT: Distribution of voting materials

    DISPOSITION: (a-c) Took no action*

    9. MUR 4552


  • (a) Honorable Charlie Norwood (GA)
  • (b) Norwood for Congress Committee, Abram J. Serotta, treasurer (GA)
  • (c) Park Avenue Fabrics (GA)
  • COMPLAINANT: Matthew H. Angle, Executive Director, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DC)

    SUBJECT: Corporate contribution; failure to report contribution and disbursement

    DISPOSITION: (a-c) Took no action*

    10. MUR 4556

    RESPONDENTS: (a) James Lamar Wiggins (GA)

    (b) Jim Wiggins for Congress, H.E. Hardin, treasurer (GA)

    COMPLAINANT: Maria Cino, (former) Executive Director, National Republican Congressional Committee (DC)

    SUBJECT: Personal use of campaign funds

    DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

    11. MUR 4600

    RESPONDENTS: (a) Vargas for Congress '96, Deanna Liebergot, treasurer (CA)

    (b) San Diego Police Officers Association, Inc. (CA)

    COMPLAINANT: Honorable Bob Filner (CA)

    SUBJECT: Excessive contribution/corporate contribution

    DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

    12. MUR 4612

    RESPONDENTS: (a) Teresa Doggett (TX)

    (b) Teresa Doggett for Congress, Alan Sager, treasurer (TX)

    COMPLAINANT: Lisa B. Friel (VA)

    SUBJECT: Failure to report debt

    DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

    13. MUR 4615

    RESPONDENTS: (a) Catholic Democrats for Christian Values, Benjamin Venti, President (CA)

    (b) Anthony Venti Realtors and Anthony Venti, Owner (CA)

    COMPLAINANT: Craig Athon, Vice President, Alhambra Democratic Club (CA)

    SUBJECT: Failure to register and report

    DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

    14. MUR 4620


  • (a) Eastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce (CT)
  • (b) Norwich Bulletin (CT)
  • (c) New London Day (CT)
  • (d) League of Women Voters of New London/Waterford (CT)
  • (e) The League of Women Voters of Connecticut (CT)
  • COMPLAINANT: Thomas E. Hall (CT)

    SUBJECT: Failure to use pre-established objective criteria for selection of candidates for participation in debates

    DISPOSITION: (a-e) Took no action*

    15. MUR 4628

    RESPONDENTS: (a) Gutknecht for U.S. Congress Committee, Dr. David Byer, treasurer (MN)

    (b) John Wade (MN)

    COMPLAINANTS: Monica Shelby and Judy Blaseg (DC)

    Shelby/Blaseg, Inc. (DC)

    SUBJECT: Failure to report debt

    DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

    16. MUR 4629

    RESPONDENTS: (a) Honorable Janice D. Schakowsky (IL)

    (b) Schakowsky for Congress Exploratory Committee, Larry Suffredin, treasurer (IL)

    COMPLAINANT: Bill Colwyn (IL)

    SUBJECT: Failure to file reports timely

    DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

    17. MUR 4636


  • (a) International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) - Local 505 (AL)
  • (b) Fred Moore, President, IBEW - Local 505 (AL)
  • (c) Donald Adams, Financial Secretary/Business Manager,
  • IBEW - Local 505 (AL)
  • (d) Roger H. Bedford for US Senate, Roger H. Bedford, treasurer (AL)
  • (e) Clinton/Gore '96, Joan Pollitt, treasurer (DC)
  • (f) Michael Green (AL)
  • COMPLAINANT: Joseph M. Romagnano, Jr. (AL)

    SUBJECT: Union contributions

    DISPOSITION: (a-f) Took no action*

    18. MUR 4637

    RESPONDENTS: (a) Charles H. Dettman (WI)

    (b) Chuck Dettman for Congress, Douglas R. Dahl, treasurer (WI)

    COMPLAINANTS: Michael P. Maxwell, The Merit Group, Inc. (WI)

    Mark Gungor, Gungor Productions, Inc. (WI)

    SUBJECT: Failure to report and pay debts

    DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

    19. MUR 4639

    RESPONDENTS: (a) Andrew R. Larson (MN)

    (b) Andy Larson for Congress Committee, Susan L. Coen, treasurer (MN)

    COMPLAINANT: Robert J. Ferderer (MN)

    SUBJECT: Failure to report debt

    DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

    20. MUR 4641


  • (a) Michael J. Becker (PA)
  • (b) Becker '94, Nicholas C. Yzzi, treasurer (PA)
  • (c) Clair Clemens (PA)
  • COMPLAINANT: Thomas M. Hollenbeck, DMD (PA)

    SUBJECT: Excessive contributions

    DISPOSITION: (a-c) Took no action*

    21. MUR 4651


  • (a) Coalition for Rural Preservation - PAC, Jacqueline Vitti Frederick, treasurer (CA)
  • (b) East - West Ranch (CA)
  • (c) Foundation Limited (CA)
  • (d) Michael P. Ryan (CA)
  • (e) Dr. Hoong-Yee Tang (CA)
  • (f) Dr. Anni Yue (CA)
  • (g) Caroline Lee To (CA)
  • COMPLAINANT: Shirley Bianchi (CA)

    SUBJECT: Foreign national contributions

    DISPOSITION: (a-g) Took no action*

    22. MUR 4653

    RESPONDENTS: (a) Jay Robert Pritzker (IL)

    (b) Pritzker for Congress, Lizette W. Bohn, treasurer (IL)

    COMPLAINANT: Dean La Prairie (IL)

    SUBJECT: Failure to file Statement of Candidacy and disclosure reports

    DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

    23. MUR 4656

    RESPONDENTS: Carroll for Congress Committee, Michael C. Dorf, treasurer (IL)

    COMPLAINANT: Sara Schwarz (IL)

    SUBJECT: Disclaimer

    DISPOSITION: Took no action*

    24. MUR 4644


  • (a) Brenda Scott (MI)
  • (b) Clyde Cleveland (MI)
  • (c) Kay Everett (MI)
  • (d) Gilbert Hill (MI)
  • COMPLAINANT: Leroy J. Pletten (MI)

    SUBJECT: Foreign national contributions

    DISPOSITION: (a-d) Took no action*

    25. MUR 4657

    RESPONDENTS: Buchanan for President, Angela M. "Bay" Buchanan, treasurer (VA)

    COMPLAINANT: Zbigniew Maeiszewski (VA)

    SUBJECT: Failure to report contribution

    DISPOSITION: Took no action*

    26. MUR 4680

    RESPONDENTS: Democratic Party of Oklahoma, Debbie Hogue-Downing, treasurer (OK) COMPLAINANT: FEC Initiated (RAD)

    SUBJECT: Failure to file disclosure reports timely

    DISPOSITION: Conciliation Agreement: $2,600 civil penalty*

    *There are four administrative stages to the FEC enforcement process:

    1. Receipt of proper complaint			    3. "Probable cause" stage
    2. "Reason to believe" stage                        4. Conciliation stage

    It requires the votes of at least four of the six Commissioners to take any action. The FEC can close a case at any point after reviewing a complaint. If a violation is found and conciliation cannot be reached, then the FEC can institute a civil court action against a respondent.

    # # #