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Summary through First 18 Months of Each Two Year Cycle

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Releases which include tables giving current cycle and historical totals for federal campaign finance activity


Summary through first 18 months of the 2009-2010 election cycle


Notes on the Tables

  1. Figures in the first two tables and the detailed listings of candidates cover the period from January 1, 2009, or whenever the campaign registered subsequently during the cycle, through June 30, 2010.
  2. Net receipt and net disbursement figures are total receipts and total disbursements, as reported by the campaigns, minus any money transferred between committees of the same campaign.
  3. Columns entitled “Contrib from Other Cmte’s” show funds contributed to campaigns by PACs and other committees as reported by the campaigns. Other committees include primarily committees of other candidates.
  4. On the Senate listings, the column titled “Candidate Support” includes contributions by the candidate as well as loans made or guaranteed by the candidate.The column titled “Trans from Other Auth.” includes funds transferred from House committees of candidates for the Senate, as well as proceeds from joint fundraising activity among several candidates or committees.Contributions from individuals and PACs made through these joint fundraising efforts are NOT included in the “Individual Contributions” or “Other Cmte Contributions” columns.
  5. Open-seat races are those in which the incumbent did not seek reelection.
  6. Some House members who are or were running for Senate in 2010 changed their former House campaign committees into their Senate campaign committees. Financial activity related solely to their Senate campaigns cannot be isolated.
  7. Several candidates report significant debts, at least some of which were incurred in previous election cycles.
  8. Party abbreviations in the listing of House campaigns are:

DEM - Democrat LIB - Libertarian

DFL - Democrat/Farmer/Labor (MN)   PAF - Peace and Freedom

REP - Republican IND - Independent

RTL - Right to Life LBL - Liberal