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August 22, 2000                                                                                                                           Ron Harris
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WASHINGTON -- The number of federally registered political action committees (PACs) decreased since January 1, 2000, bringing the total number of registered PACs to 3,706, according to a semi-annual survey taken July 1, 2000, by the Federal Election Commission.

Corporate PACs remain the largest category, with 1,523 committees, followed by non-connected - 902, trade/membership/health - 812, labor - 316, corporations without stock - 114, and cooperatives - 39.

PACs sponsored by corporations and labor organizations are technically referred to as "separate segregated funds" and must register within 10 days of being established. Non-connected PACs (those which are not connected to or sponsored by a corporation or labor organization, and which are not related to a candidate's campaign or to a political party organization) must register within 10 days after certain financial activity exceeds $1,000 during a calendar year.

Registration does not necessarily imply financial activity. Many PACs report making no contributions to candidates or independent expenditures on behalf of or against candidates. Financial information on PACs will be included in future FEC news releases.

The following chart details the number of PACs in existence since the end of 1974.