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For Immediate Release
May 25, 2001


Kelly Huff
Ron Harris
Sharon Snyder
Ian Stirton



WASHINGTON -- The Federal Election Commission is making public three additional cases resolved in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program. This brings to 11 the total number of cases released thus far. The program’s goal is to expedite resolution of some enforcement matters, reduce the cost of processing complaints, and enhance overall FEC enforcement. Closed ADR negotiated settlement summaries are available in the FEC’s Press and Public Records offices.

For a case to be considered for ADR treatment, a respondent must express willingness to engage in the ADR process, agree to set aside the statute of limitations while the case is pending in the ADR Office, and agree to participate in bilateral negotiations and, if necessary, mediation.

Bilateral negotiations through ADR are oriented toward reaching an expeditious resolution with a mutually agreeable settlement that is both satisfying to the respondent(s) and in compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA). Resolutions reached through direct and, when necessary, mediated negotiations are submitted to the Commissioners for final approval. If a resolution is not reached in bilateral negotiation, the case proceeds to mediation. It should be noted that cases resolved through ADR are not precedential.


1. ADR 0003-B
RESPONDENTS: Let’s Go ForWard Hawaii Committee, Stephen E. Callo, treasurer (HI)
SOURCE: MUR 4927 - Complainant: Eugene F. Douglass (HI)
SUBJECT: Excessive contributions; failure to file disclosure reports timely
NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT: $800 civil penalty

Respondent agreed to work with Reports Analysis Division (RAD) to correct incomplete reports regarding loans, filed amendments to reports, and agreed to file for termination in accordance with provisions under the Act. The Respondent acknowledged that by failing to file required reports it violated provisions of the Act.

2. ADR 0011
RESPONDENTS: Illinois Senate Victory Fund, Thomas P. Sullivan, treasurer (IL)
SOURCE: FEC Initiated (RAD)
SUBJECT: Failure to provide supporting schedule B for transfers made to affiliated committees on 1998 October Quarterly and 30 Day Post-General reports
NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT: $1,500 civil penalty

Respondents agreed to amend reports and take necessary steps to terminate reporting obligations under FECA.

3. ADR 0013
RESPONDENTS: Liberal Party of New York, Anne L. Peskin, treasurer (NY)
SOURCE: FEC Initiated (RAD)
SUBJECT: Failure to reconcile cash-on-hand discrepancy
NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT: $6,000 civil penalty

Respondents filed amended reports and agreed to attend Commission sponsored seminar on reporting requirements no later than March 1, 2002.

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