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February 02, 2001                                                                                                                          Sharon Snyder
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WASHINGTON – Wyoming’s Secretary of State and a Tennessee county elections administrator are the two newest appointees to the 2001 Advisory Panel of the Office of Election Administration (OEA).


            The OEA, formerly known as the National Clearinghouse on Election Administration, is an entity of the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  The Advisory Panel, established in 1976, is composed of state and local election officials from throughout the nation, nominated to the Panel by the Director of the OEA and appointed by the six Commissioners of the FEC.  The Panel advises the OEA and the Commission on methods of allocation of resources that will best serve the needs of election officials.


            Appointed February 1 to the Panel are Joseph B. Meyer, Wyoming Secretary of State, and Carolyn Jackson, Administrator of Elections, Hamilton County, Tennessee.


            Joseph Meyer is a former Wyoming Attorney General, and prior to his election as Wyoming’s 19th Secretary of State was Special Assistant to the University of Wyoming’s President for Governmental Relations.


            Carolyn Jackson directs a staff of 12 in the Chattanooga offices of the Hamilton County Election Commission.  Her office is responsible for the planning, conducting, and administration of all municipal, county, state and federal elections held in the county.


            Meyer and Jackson replace Advisory Panel members Mike Cooney, former Montana Secretary of State, and Jane Carroll, who retired as Supervisor of Elections in Broward County, Florida.


            In addition to the aforementioned, other Panel members are:


            Fran Ulmer, Lieutenant Governor, Alaska; Gilberto Hoyos, Pinal County Elections Director, Arizona; Ernest R. Hawkins, Sacramento County Registrar of Voters, California;  Donetta Davidson, Secretary of State, Colorado;  Anne Phillips, Hall County Supervisor of Elections, Georgia; Sandy Steinbach, Director of Elections, Iowa; Ronald Michaelson, Executive Director, State Board of Elections, Illinois.


            Ron Thornburgh, Secretary of State, Kansas; Candice Miller, Secretary of State, Michigan; Joseph Mansky, Elections Division state government, Minnesota; Lucinda Burnette, Supervisor of Elections, North Carolina; Thomas Wilkey, Executive Director, State Board of Elections, New York; J. Kenneth Blackwell, Secretary of State, Ohio.


            Lance D. Ward, Secretary, State Election Board, Oklahoma;  Tony Sirvello III, Harris County Supervisor of Elections, Texas; Charlotte Cleary, Arlington County Registrar of Voters, Virginia; Gary McIntosh, Election Director, Washington.


            The Advisory Panel meets annually.  Its 2001 meeting is tentatively scheduled for April in New York state.


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