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FEC Record: Advisory Opinions

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Latest Articles:

AOR 2016-04: Grand Trunk Western Railroad-Illinois Central Railroad PAC
(Posted 05/20/2016; By Myles Martin)

On May 19, 2016, the Commission considered an Advisory Opinion Request (AOR) from Grand Trunk Western Railroad-Illinois Central Railroad PAC (GTW-IC PAC). In its request, GTW-IC PAC asked whether it could incorporate an abbreviation used by its connected organizations and their foreign parent into an abbreviated name for the PAC. Read more...

AO 2016-02: PACs of LLC and One of its Joint Venture Owners Not Affiliated
(Posted 05/04/2016; By Zainab Smith)

Enable Midstream Services, LLC ("Enable") asked whether a separate segregated fund (SSF) it plans to establish would be affiliated with the SSFs of its joint venture owners, CenterPoint Energy, Inc. ("CNP") and OGE Energy Corporation ("OGE"). The Commission concluded that Enable's SSF would not be affiliated with CNP's SSF, but could not approve a response by the required four affirmative votes on whether it would be affiliated with OGE's SSF. Read more...

AO 2016-03: New Election Entitles Candidates to Separate Contribution Limit
(Posted 05/03/2016; By Isaac Baker)

In response to a court order, North Carolina scheduled a June 7, 2016, primary election for the U.S. House of Representatives, separate from the state's March 15, 2016, primary. Because the court order and subsequent legislation created a new electoral situation, candidates participating in both elections are entitled to separate contribution limits for each. Read more...

Pending Advisory Opinion Requests as of April 30, 2016
(Posted 05/02/2016; By Dorothy Yeager)

Advisory Opinion Requests (AORs) pending before the Commission as of the end of the month are listed below. Procedures for commenting on pending AORs are described here. Read more...

AO 2016-01: Website’s Distribution of News Content to Users Qualifies for Media Exemption
(Posted 04/19/2016; By Myles Martin)

The costs Ethiq corporation incurs to distribute political news stories, commentary, and editorials through its website and app qualify for the Federal Election Campaign Act's (the Act)"media exemption." As a result, these expenses are neither contributions nor expenditures under the Act. Read more...




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