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The FEC Record is an online resource for political committees and others interested in latest information on the Commission and the federal campaign finance law. Until August 2011, the Commission published the Record as a monthly newsletter. Now, the agency posts articles as news happens, then compiles those articles at the end of each month. To view or print those monthly compilations or the archived monthly newsletters, you'll need to download a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software at

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Latest Articles:

April Reporting Reminder
(Posted 03/27/2015; By Katherine Carothers)

The following reports are due in April:

FEC to Host April 29 Webinar for Trade Associations and Their PACs
(Posted 03/26/2015; By Isaac Baker)

The Commission will hold a one-day online seminar for trade associations and their political action committees (PACs) on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. Commission staff will conduct several technical workshops on the federal campaign finance laws affecting trade associations and their PACs. Workshops are designed for those seeking an introduction to the basic provisions of the law as well as for those more experienced in campaign finance law. Read more...

FEC to Host 40th Anniversary Open House
(Posted 03/25/2015)

The Federal Election Commission will host an open house to mark the agency’s 40th anniversary on April 14, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. to noon. The event will be held in the Public Records Office and will highlight the agency’s efforts to ensure disclosure of campaign finance information over the last four decades. Read more...

AO 2014-20: Nonconnected PAC May Accept Uncompensated Services from Foreign National Volunteers
(Posted 03/25/2015; By Alex Knott)

A nonconnected political action committee (PAC) may accept uncompensated volunteer services from foreign nationals, including developing website code and other intellectual property for the PAC’s use. Although foreign nationals are prohibited from making contributions to political committees, uncompensated volunteer activity is generally exempt from the definition of contribution. As a result, the PAC may accept the proposed foreign national volunteer assistance. Read more...

Mississippi Special Election Reporting: 1st District
(Posted 03/23/2015; By Katherine Carothers)

The Special General to fill the 1st Congressional District House seat of the late Representative Alan Nunnelee will be held May 12, 2015. Under Mississippi law, a majority winner in the nonpartisan Special General Election is declared elected. Should no candidate achieve a majority vote, a Special Runoff Election will be held on June 2, 2015, between the top two vote-getters in the Special General Election. Read more...

FEC Announces Effective Date for Final Rules on Independent Expenditures and Electioneering Communications by Corporations and Labor Organizations
(Posted 03/10/2015; By Dorothy Yeager)

The Commission has announced an effective date of January 27, 2015, for revised rules that permit corporations and labor organizations to finance independent expenditures and electioneering communications. See 80 Fed. Reg. 12079 (March 6, 2015). Read more...

Stop Reckless Economic Instability caused by Democrats (“Stop PAC”), et al. v. FEC (District Court)
(Posted 03/06/2015; By Myles Martin)

On February 27, 2015, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia granted the Commission’s motion for summary judgment in a suit brought by Stop Reckless Economic Instability caused by Democrats (“Stop PAC”) and Tea Party Leadership Fund (“Fund”), et al. (collectively, plaintiffs). The plaintiffs had challenged certain contribution limits set forth in the Federal Election Campaign Act (the Act) as infringing on their First Amendment rights and guarantee of equal protection of the laws under the Fifth Amendment. Read more...

New York Special Election Reporting: 11th District
(Posted 03/06/2015; By Katherine Carothers)

New York will hold a Special General Election to fill the U.S. House seat in New York’s 11th Congressional District vacated by Representative Michael Grimm. The Special General will be held May 5, 2015. Read more...

FEC to Host April Reporting and FECFile Webinars for Candidate Committees
(Posted 03/06/2015; By Isaac Baker)

The Commission will offer Reporting and FECFile webinars on April 1, 2015, for campaign committees. The reporting session will address common filing problems and provide answers to questions campaign committees may have as they prepare to file their April Quarterly reports. The electronic filing session will demonstrate the Commission’s FECFile software and address questions FECFile users may have concerning the software. Read more...

New E-Filing Option Allows Candidates and Committees to Register Online
(Posted 03/04/2015; By Christopher Berg)

The FEC has developed webforms that will allow most federal candidates and committees to register with the Commission online. The Statement of Organization (Form 1) and Statement of Candidacy (Form 2) webforms are available on the “Registration and Reporting Forms” and “Online Webforms” pages of Read more...

Commission Holds Hearing on McCutcheon Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
(Posted 03/03/2015; By Alex Knott)

The Commission held a public hearing on February 11, 2015, to receive input on possible changes to its rules in light of the Supreme Court’s April 2014 decision in McCutcheon, et al. v. FEC. Read more...


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