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Scheduled Maintenance

The Federal Election Commission will be performing server maintenance this weekend. As a result some data files and dynamic data presentations will not be updated until Monday June 16, 2014. The server maintenance does not affect the electronic filing system. Any committee required to file this weekend will be able to do so.

The Electronic Filing RSS feed, Electronic Filing search and Electronically Filed Independent Expenditures search will be available and updated normally during the weekend. The Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal, including the Candidate and Committee Viewer, will be available but will present users with data received and processed only through Thursday, June 12, 2014. Data on the Commission's website and FTP server will not be updated during this server maintenance window. The affected data files and dynamic data presentations, which are listed below, will be updated by Monday, June 16, 2014.

Data Files and Data Presentations

  • Candidate and Committee Viewer data - Monday morning
  • Maps and Charts - Monday morning
  • Individual Contribution Search - Monday morning
  • Data Catalog - Monday morning
    Administrative Fines
    Bundled Contributions
    Committee Report Summary
    Candidate Disbursements
    Candidate Summary
    Committee Summary
    Independent Expenditures
    Leadership PAC and Sponsors
  • Press Office Pages - Monday morning
    New Committees: New Statement of Organization Filings (FEC Form 1)
    Independent Expenditure-Only Political Committees ("Super PACs")
    Political Committees with Non-Contribution Accounts ("Hybrid PACs")
    2016 Presidential Form 2 Filer
  • FTP Files - Monday morning
    PAC Financial Summaries (Current)
    Candidate Financial Summaries (Current Campaigns)
    Candidate Financial Summaries (All Candidates)
    Committee Master File
    Candidate Master File
    Candidate and Committee Linkage File
  • FTP Files - Monday late afternoon
    Contributions to Candidates (and other expenditures) from Committees
    Any Transaction from One Committee to Another
    Contributions by Individuals