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Metadata Description

Data Dictionary - Contributions to Committees from Committees

General Description

The contributions to committees from committees file contains each contribution or independent expenditure made by a PAC, party committee, candidate committee, or other federal committee to another committee during the two-year election cycle.

Header file and file format information

A comma delimited header file is available for download.

The end-of-line (EOL) marker is line feed '\n' (LF, 0x0A, 10 in decimal). The contributions to committees from committees file contains the following information:

Column Name Field Name Position Null? Data Type Description
Filer Identification Number
1 N VARCHAR2 (9)
A 9-character alpha-numeric code assigned to a committee by the Federal Election Commission
AMNDT_IND Amendment Indicator
2 Y VARCHAR2 (1)
Indicates if the report being filed is new (N), an amendment (A) to a previous report, or a termination (T) report.
RPT_TP Report Type
3 Y VARCHAR2 (3)
Indicates the type of report filed. List of report type codes
TRANSACTION_PGI Primary-General Indicator
4 Y VARCHAR2 (5)

This code indicates the election for which the contribution was made. EYYYY (election Primary, General, Other plus election year)

Image Number
5 Y VARCHAR2 (11)
or VARCHAR2(18)
11-digit Image Number Format
YY - scanning year
OO - office (01 - House, 02 - Senate, 03 - FEC Paper, 9x - FEC Electronic)
RRR - reel number
FFFF- frame number

18-digit Image Number Format (June 29, 2015)
YYYY - scanning year
MM - scanning month
DD - scanning day
SS - source (02 - Senate, 03 - FEC Paper, 9x - FEC Electronic)
PPPPPPPP - page (reset to zero every year on January 1)

Transaction Type
6 Y VARCHAR2 (3)

Transaction types 10J, 11J, 13, 15J, 15Z, 16C, 16F, 16G, 16R, 17R, 17Z, 18G, 18J, 18K, 18U, 19J, 20, 20C, 20F, 20G, 20R, 22H, 22Z, 23Y, 24A, 24C, 24E, 24F, 24G, 24H, 24K, 24N, 24P, 24R, 24U, 24Z and 29 are included in the OTH file. Beginning with 2016 transaction types 30F, 30G, 30J, 30K, 31F, 31G, 31J, 31K, 32F, 32G, 32J, 32K, 40, 40Z, 41, 41Z, 42 and 42Z are also included in the OTH file.

For more information about transaction type codes see this list of transaction type codes

Entity Type
7 Y VARCHAR2 (3)
ONLY VALID FOR ELECTRONIC FILINGS received after April 2002.

CAN = Candidate
CCM = Candidate Committee
COM = Committee
IND = Individual (a person)
ORG = Organization (not a committee and not a person)
PAC = Political Action Committee
PTY = Party Organization

Contributor/Lender/Transfer Name
8 Y VARCHAR2 (200)
9 Y VARCHAR2 (30)
10 Y VARCHAR2 (2)
Zip Code
11 Y VARCHAR2 (9)
12 Y VARCHAR2 (38)
13 Y VARCHAR2 (38)
Transaction Date(MMDDYYYY)
Transaction Amount
15 Y NUMBER (14,2)
Other Identification Number
16 Y VARCHAR2 (9)
For contributions from individuals this column is null. For contributions from candidates or other committees this column will contain that contributor's FEC ID.
Transaction ID
17 Y VARCHAR2 (32)
ONLY VALID FOR ELECTRONIC FILINGS. A unique identifier associated with each itemization or transaction appearing in an FEC electronic file. A transaction ID is unique for a specific committee for a specific report. In other words, if committee, C1, files a Q3 New with transaction SA123 and then files 3 amendments to the Q3 transaction SA123 will be identified by transaction ID SA123 in all 4 filings.
File Number / Report ID
18 Y NUMBER (22)
Unique report id
Memo Code
19 Y VARCHAR2 (1)
'X' indicates that the amount is NOT to be included in the itemization total.
Memo Text
20 Y VARCHAR2 (100)
A description of the activity. Memo Text is available on itemized amounts on Schedules A and B. These transactions are included in the itemization total.
SUB_ID FEC Record Number 21 N NUMBER (19) Unique row ID