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Common Electronic Filing Mistakes


  • Not getting a password
  • Waiting until the last minute to get a password
  • Forgetting or losing your password
  • If you forget your password, we can't look it up for you. It is encrypted. Retrieve it here.

    File early, don't wait until the filing deadline

    Any problem, be it technical or a matter of non-familiarity with the software, can be difficult to deal with during the rush of a deadline. Always file as early as possible, especially the first time you file electronically.

    No receipt, no Filing

    After you upload your report electronically a receipt will be sent to you via email or fax. If you do not get the receipt, you must assume that you have not successfully filed. Call the Electronic Filing Office at 202-694-1307, if more than a few minutes pass with no receipt.

    The receipt is proof of filing. Print it out, keep it.

    Validate early and often

    Don't wait until the last minute to validate your filing. Validation will find problems that you might not have noticed. If you validate on a regular basis, you will run much less risk of finding a long list of problems to resolve before uploading is possible.

    FECFile users

  • Back up your data file! The file that contains all of your reports, the "data file" (*.dcf), should be backed up. It is very difficult and time consuming to recreate your file should you lose your data. If you need help locating your data file on your computer contact technical support at 202-694-1307.
  • Keep your software current. Always perform your auto-updates when prompted.
  • Validate often and file early.

  • Revised November 4, 2013