Presidential Matching Fund Submission files -- Dole

In addition to regular quarterly or monthly disclosure reports, presidential candidates who seek matching funds must submit information about matchable contributions to the FEC for review. During the 2000 campaign the Commission will place these files on our Internet site. The files are in compressed form and must be unzipped. They may then be imported into database or spreadsheet software as fixed width undelimited text files.

Contributions from individuals where the aggregate amount contributed by the individual is $250 or less are eligible to be matched on a dollar for dollar basis from the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. This Fund includes proceeds from the voluntary check-off of $3 per person from income tax returns of eligible taxpayers. Candidates may submit any contribution from an individual (including those where the contribution amount is more than $250) in order to receive matching funds for the first $250 of the contribution. Some contributions included in these files, therefore, will also be included as detailed entries in the regular financial disclosure reports submitted by the campaigns.

There are two types of submission, threshold and regular. The threshold submission is only used to establish the eligibility of the candidate for matching funds. (Candidates become eligible when they receive at least $5,000 in matchable contributions from individuals in each of twenty states.) All contributions appearing on threshold submissions will also appear in the first regular submission from the campaign.

All submissions are reviewed by the Commission to be sure that supporting documentation is in order and that there are no errors in the file before federal funds are certified to be paid. As a result, some contributions may be rejected and campaigns may resubmit rejected contributions if additional supporting material is provided. This means that specific contributions may appear more than once in the files of a particular candidate, so considerable care is required when interpreting these data.

Finally, note that 2 U.S.C. Section 438a(4) states that "… any information copied from such reports or statements may not be sold or used by any person for the purpose of soliciting contributions or for commercial purposes. . .".


Files are provided in fixed width undelimited format. The specific format of the submission files is as follows, listing the field name, its length, the ending column position for the field (in parenthesis) and a brief description of the data.


Submission Number Length 2 (2) The number of the submission on which the contribution appeared. Submissions may be sent to the Commission at any time during 1999 but no payments are made until January of 2000. The submissions of each campaign are ordered based on receipt, with the initial "threshold" submission having the number ‘00’ so for example there may be five files for a candidate with submission numbers 00 through 04.


Sequence Number Length 7 (9) A unique number for each transaction representing its order in the file.

Prefix Length 5 (14) Prefix to contributor names (e.g. Mr., Ms., Mrs., etc.)

Contributor Name" Length 30 (44) The name of the contributor in the format Last Name, First Name

Suffix Length 3 (47) Any suffix accompanying a contributor name (e.g. Jr. III, etc.)

Street address 1 Length 30 (77) First street address of the contributor

Street address 2 Length 30 (107) Additional street address information

City Length 20 (127)

State Length 2 (129)

Zip Length 9 (138)

Occupation Length 20 (158)

Employer Length 30 (188)


Repeating Area: (As many as 20 separate contributions from a single individual may appear in a single record submitted for matching funds (in cases where individuals give several small contributions during a short period of time which sum to less than $250, for example). The following fields appear for each contribution being submitted. If fewer than 20 are included, these fields will contain zero’s for all remaining contributions.


Date Contribution 01 Length 6 (194) In the format yymmdd

Batch Number 01 Length 10 (204) for internal use

Amount 01 Length 6 (210) Amount of the single contribution All are decimal 4.2

Date Contribution 02 Length 6

Batch Number 02 Length 10

Amount 02 Length 6

Date Contribution 03 Length 6

Batch Number 03 Length 10

Amount 03 Length 6

Date Contribution 04 Length 6

Batch Number 04 Length 10

Amount 04 Length 6

Date Contribution 05 Length 6

Batch Number 05 Length 10

Amount 05 Length 6

Date Contribution 06 Length 6

Batch Number 06 Length 10

Amount 06 Length 6

Date Contribution 07 Length 6

Batch Number 07 Length 10

Amount 07 Length 6

Date Contribution 08 Length 6

Batch Number 08 Length 10

Amount 08 Length 6

Date Contribution 09 Length 6

Batch Number 09 Length 10

Amount 09 Length 6

Date Contribution 10 Length 6

Batch Number 10 Length 10

Amount 10 Length 6

Date Contribution 11 Length 6

Batch Number 11 Length 10

Amount 11 Length 6

Date Contribution 12 Length 6

Batch Number 12 Length 10

Amount 12 Length 6

Date Contribution 13 Length 6

Batch Number 13 Length 10

Amount 13 Length 6

Date Contribution 14 Length 6

Batch Number 14 Length 10

Amount 14 Length 6

Date Contribution 15 Length 6

Batch Number 15 Length 10

Amount 15 Length 6

Date Contribution 16 Length 6

Batch Number 16 Length 10

Amount 16 Length 6

Date Contribution 17 Length 6

Batch Number 17 Length 10

Amount 17 Length 6

Date Contribution 18 Length 6

Batch Number 18 Length 10

Amount 18 Length 6

Date Contribution 19 Length 6

Batch Number 19 Length 10

Amount 19 Length 6

Date Contribution 20 Length 6

Batch Number 20 Length 10

Amount 20 Length 6


End Repeating Area


submission Amount Length 8 (636) In format decimal 6.2 This represents the total amount submitted for this contributor on this particular submission.

Aggregated Amount Length 9 (645) In format decimal 7.2 This represents the aggregate submitted for matching for this individual on all submissions