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Open Meeting Agenda

Thursday, October 7, 2010
10:00 A.M.

Amended Agenda

[Audio File of Entire Meeting, 66.2MB Audio File Icon]

I. Draft Advisory Opinion 2010-19 Audio File Icon

Google by Marc E. Elias, Esq. and Jonathan S. Berkon, Esq.

Agenda Document No. 10-61
(Alternative Drafts)

Agenda Document No. 10-61-A
(Revised Draft A)

Agenda Document No. 10-61-B
(Draft C)

(Held over from the meeting of September 23, 2010)

Agenda Document No. 10-61-C
(Draft D) (Submitted Late)

Agenda Document No. 61-D
(Draft E)(Submitted Late)
(Tony Buckley/Robert Knop of the Office of General Counsel)

II. Draft Advisory Opinion 2010-21 Audio File Icon

ReCellular by Michael B. Trister, Esq. and
Allen H. Mattison, Esq.

Agenda Document No. 10-62
(Submitted Late)

(Theodore Lutz/Amy Rothstein of the Office of General Counsel)

III. Draft Advisory Opinion 2010-25 Audio File Icon

RG Entertainment, Ltd. by Lee E. Goodman, Esq.

Agenda Document No. 10-63
(Submitted Late)

Agenda Document No. 10-63A
(Submitted Late)

Agenda Document No. 10-63B
(Submitted Late)

(Jessica Selinkoff/Peter Reynolds/Amy Rothstein of the Office of General Counsel)

IV. Draft Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Independent Expenditures and Electioneering Communications by Corporations and Labor Organizations

Agenda Document No. 10·64
(Submitted Late)

(Esther Heiden/Cheryl Hemsley/Phillip Olaya/Joanna Waldstreicher/Robert Knop of the Office of General Counsel)


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