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Associate General Counsel for Enforcement

The Enforcement Division is responsible for overall enforcement of the FECA, with the exception of administrative fines for certain disclosure reports that are filed late or not at all and matters that are handled within the Alternative Dispute Resolution Office. Following procedures set forth in the statute, the Enforcement Division investigates alleged violations of the law, recommends to the Commission appropriate action to take with respect to apparent violations, and directly negotiates conciliation agreements, which may include civil penalties and other remedies, with respondents or their counsel to resolve the matter. If an enforcement matter does not conciliate during the administrative process, the Commission may authorize suit in district court, at which point the matter is transferred to the Litigation Division.

Kathleen Guith, Acting Associate General Counsel


Toll-free: 800-424-9530 (press 0, then ext. 1650)
Locally: 202-694-1650